When you need to field-punch and dimple a frame, you know what a time consuming mess the old "ball peen hammer" method can be. Bowed frames and fasteners sticking out scream "poor installation" to your customer. The FD200 Frame Dimper tool makes your installations look professional, but the biggest plus is the time it saves. Once you drill the holes, simply place the tool on the inside of the frame and drive the screw into the tool. The angled screw head leaves a perfect dimple every time. Use EITHER end of the tool to dimple frames. It's like having TWO dimplers in one.. Here is what you are getting with your FD200 Frame DIMPLER.... (2) DIMPLING SCREWS , (1) SOCKET to use with 3/8" Ratchet OR DRILL , (1) Tube White Lithium Grease. We recommend you Lubricate the dimpling screw PRIOR to using and then Lubricate after every 8 dimples or so. Need it NEXT DAY ?? Give us a CALL . WE can MAKE IT HAPPEN !! (954)448-6872
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