The Door Gap Gauge tool is a sure way for Contractors to check Fire Door Clearance Requirements before inspection. It's more accurate than a tape measure and is compact and very easy to use. 1/16th, 1/8th, 3/8th, 1/4th, 3/16th, 3/4th inch readings. NFPA 80 requires the clearance between the door and frame and meeting edges of doors swinging in pairs to be 1/8" (+/- 1/16") for Steel Doors and not to exceed 1/8" for Wood Doors. The clearance under the bottom of a door and noncombustible surface where no sill exists shall be a maximum of 3/4" and shall be a maximum of 3/8" under the bottom of a door with raised non combustible sill. It's simple to use : The clearance should be measured from the pull face of doors. Just locate the dimension portion of the gauge needed to measure your gap. Insert the gauge between the door and frame or at the door bottom. The gauge should fit snug in the gap and be able to slide easily along the entire length of the gap. If it fits too loose or too tight, the doors will need to be adjusted to meet proper clearance. If shimming is necessary...NFPA 80 requires the use of steel shims when shimming Fire Rated Doors. Check out the Ready Shims for Fire Rate Doors on this site !
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